Frontier vs. Spectrum in 2022

Frontier and Spectrum are two popular telecommunications companies, each with their respective strengths and weaknesses. So if you have both in your area, how do you know which one is right for you?

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  • Frontier and Spectrum's Pros and Cons
  • Best Spectrum Internet Plans
  • Best Frontier Internet Plans
  • Spectrum vs. Frontier Customer Satisfaction
  • Extra Features of Spectrum and Frontier
  • 24/7 Tech Support Spectrum vs. Frontier Mobile App Ratings
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If you are the kind of customer who loves to package your deals to save money, Spectrum is a solid choice. Spectrum offers a variety of TV and Internet packages. If you want high speeds, particularly fiber internet, Frontier is a great option. Frontier’s Gig service is very affordable at $69.99 per month with Auto Pay and comes with a three-year price lock. Frontier is now also offering Fiber 2 Gig, which brings speeds twice as fast as Fiber 1 Gig for twice the price. Read on to learn more about Spectrum and Frontier plans and prices heading into 2023.

Frontier Pros and Cons

Frontier is best for high speeds at a good price

Frontier offers plans like Frontier Fiber which has 500 Mbps of download speeds for $44.99/mo with Auto Pay. Frontier’s internet offers can be confusing because they offer both DSL and Fiber technologies, whereas Spectrum offers only one – cable. That means the consistency of Frontier’s offers can change depending on where you live. In select areas where available, Fiber Internet from Frontier provides a fiber-optic connection fit for telecommuting, video conferencing, or gaming online with ultimate performance. In areas where Frontier Fiber is not available, you can get connected with Frontier Internet and enjoy the confidence to things you love, like online shopping, surfing the web or sharing pics on social media.

  • High speeds in fiber areas
  • Price locks
  • Availability in rural areas
  • DSL is slower than cable
  • Fiber not available everywhere
  • Lack of TV options

Spectrum Pros and Cons

Spectrum is best for bundling services

Spectrum is a good internet option for getting high speeds at a good price. The lowest speed (unless you qualify for low-income internet) is 300 Mbps with their cable internet, which you get at $49.99/mo. for 1 year. The lowest speed is good enough for single-person households and most small families across the board and you can count on their reliability rate of 99%. But their starting speed is not as fast as Frontier’s starting speed which is only $10 more per month. Overall: Spectrum is best if you are looking to bundle TV with your internet.

  • No contracts and no data caps
  • Bundle with TV and Voice
  • Consistent internet technology
  • Not as fast as Frontier
  • Price hikes in second year

Best Frontier Internet Plans

It may appear confusing, but don’t worry. Frontier has a lot of plans to choose from mainly because they offer two different internet technologies, DSL and fiber. Also, the two types of internet yield only a few options that depend on where it is available.

The different kinds of internet offer different levels of service and reliability, which could potentially add a layer of confusion if you ever need to move. Frontier is pretty similar to other providers who offer both ISP technologies, as far as speed and pricing go.

The best deal overall may be Frontier Fiber or Fiber 1 Gig plan if they are available near you, because both these of plans provide fast speeds for low prices.

Frontier has also started to offer Fiber 2 Gig in its fiber-enabled areas. These speeds are tremendous, but the price is twice what you will be paying for Frontier’s normal Gig service.

Frontier Internet Service
PlanSpeedStarting Price Technology
Frontier InternetVaries$49.99 w/ Auto PayDSL
Frontier Fiber500 Mbps $44.99 w/ Auto PayFiber
Fiber 1 Gig1000 Mbps $69.99 w/ Auto PayFiber
Fiber 2 Gig2000 Mbps$99.99 w/ Auto PayFiber

Best Spectrum Internet Plans

It is true that Spectrum has a very straightforward, one technology internet service program. The speeds are good enough to do most of what you need to do in the home, and the starting price with unlimited data is great.

However, Spectrum does not offer any lower speeds than 300 Mbps, and for households who only need the internet to lightly browse the internet and that’s it, it’s not ideal. You would be paying for speeds you do not really need.

Spectrum also has two other high-speed internet plans, Spectrum Internet Ultra and Spectrum Internet Gig. Their respective speeds are 500 and 940, making either option great for households who love the internet.

Spectrum Internet
PlanSpeedStarting PriceTechnology
Spectrum InternetUp to 300 Mbps $49.99/mo. Cable
Spectrum Internet UltraUp to 500 Mbps $69.99/mo. Cable
Spectrum Internet GigUp to 940 Mbps $89.99/mo. Cable

Extra Features of Spectrum and Frontier

One of the best parts about shopping for internet is checking out some of the features and promotions that come from buying the service. Spectrum and Frontier both offer some perks.


  • No contracts
  • No data caps
  • $500 contract buyout
  • Easy self-installation
  • Great TV options


  • No Wi-Fi router fee
  • No extra fees for wi-fi
  • No data caps OR term contract requirements
  • 24/7 tech support
  • Get YouTube TV at discounted rate (when bundled w/ internet, not available through all retailers)

Frontier vs. Spectrum TV Plans

Spectrum is keeping cable TV relevant, even in 2022. On top of Spectrum’s cable TV plans, it also offers Spectrum Internet customers the ability to stream TV. Spectrum TV allows customers to customize a TV plan exactly to their liking, which is precisely how watching TV should be.

Frontier allows its customers to add on an outside TV service, such as YouTube TV, DIRECTV STREAM or DISH TV, which is a nice touch but lacks the bundling convenience of Spectrum Internet and Spectrum TV. Frontier Internet customers can particularly save money on YouTube TV.

Spectrum vs. Frontier Customer Satisfaction

Based on the American Customer Satisfaction Index:

As of June 2020, America answered satisfaction questions for telecommunication questions. Thanks to them, we can compare these two services based on how happy customers are or are not from the services they bought. From 2019-2020, satisfaction for Spectrum went up by 7%, and Frontier/FiberOptic had a 4.8% increase in satisfaction.

The satisfaction for quality of home service Wi-Fi equipment, which comes free with both Spectrum and Frontier, increased the most for Frontier/FiberOptic rating 77, the least for Frontier DSL at 62, and Spectrum closer to the middle rating 70 on a 1-100 scale.

Spectrum vs. Frontier Mobile App Ratings

Both Frontier and Spectrum have a mobile banking app to manage your account and pay your bills.


  • Apple Store 4.8 Rating
  • Google Play 4.6 Rating


  • Apple Store 3.8 Rating
  • Google Play 2.7 Rating

Is Frontier or Spectrum Better?

Your household may have a choice between Frontier and Spectrum. The better fit for your family might fully depend on which products you want to receive. If you really want fiber internet, opt for Frontier Fiber with a YouTube TV plan. If you want a solid, high-speed cable internet plan with either a TV live streaming or cable TV plan to bundle with it, go with Spectrum. Ultimately, the prices are similar enough and both providers offer similar perks.

Spectrum may have a slight edge because it offers no data caps and no contracts, which is a huge positive. Frontier offers a 3-year price lock for its Gig service, which is also an awesome deal, but obviously you are going to be locked to Frontier Gig for 3 years. Frontier has no data caps as well, meaning you can get fiber internet with no data caps for a good price.

Weigh your options carefully and you will certainly come to an informed decision. If you need help deciding on an internet service provider, consider calling the internet and TV experts at National Broadband today.

Frequently asked questions

Is Frontier the same as Verizon?

No, although they do both offer fiber-optic internet service. They are separate companies and do not offer home internet service in the same areas. Verizon and Frontier operate under the same technology, that’s why their names are sometimes next to each other online. Frontier has phased out its FiOS branding.

Is Spectrum or Frontier Fiber better?

It depends on the services you need. Each provider offers different speeds and are available in different areas. Use National Broadband's ZIP Code search feature to find providers near you.

How can I speed up my Frontier internet?

Upgrading is the best way to get a faster speed with Frontier, or any internet service provider.

Written by: Hayley Abshear

Edited by: Henry St. Pierre

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