Use Frontier Secure® to Protect Your Data

The online world offers users with endless goal-achievement opportunities. Fortunately for us, that means that there are fewer limits on what we can accomplish with an internet connection. Unfortunately for us, there are also fewer limits on what digital criminals can get away with, too. Frontier is ready to keep customers safe with their Frontier Secure software.

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If you already have Frontier’s internet service, you have the opportunity to subscribe to their data security software called Frontier Secure. This offer from Frontier can help you make sure that your personal data stays private through multi-device security, password protection, identity protection, mesh networking and cloud storage services.

Frontier Secure

We do so much with our internet. We check email, post to social media, listen to music, stream videos and more! We also use the internet to conduct important business and transmit sensitive data. This might include personal banking, health record maintenance, tax form submission or online purchasing. If you perform unsafe online practices or if you have no protective measures in place, you may fall victim to online theft. With Frontier Secure, you can secure your digital belongings. Make sure your devices have the protection they need to keep your data safe from prying eyes.

Frontier Multi-Device Security

Most internet users do not limit their internet access to just one device because accessing the internet can be done from a computer, tablet, phone, game console and many other devices. Although being able to access the World Wide Web from multiple points is a convenience, depositing your personal information in so many places can endanger your sensitive data. Frontier Secure is here to help with Multi-Device Security ™. With this service, you can enable up to 10 devices with software that helps your private information stay private. Along with antivirus protection, subscribers can enjoy other safety perks, which you’ll find below.

Frontier Multi-Device Secure

Missing Device Help

If your device is lost or stolen, Frontier’s Multi-Device Security can help you track it down. It can also give you the power to lock access to that missing device or erase that device’s data altogether. These security measures can be completed remotely, which means that your device can be found, locked or erased no matter where you are.

Parental controls

This feature allows guardians to set up filters to restrict inappropriate content, block harmful or insecure websites, establish an internet curfew, and allow children access to the internet only at certain times.

Secure financial transactions

When attempting to purchase something online, Frontier Secure will block any third-party connections that might jeopardize your banking information.

Website blocking

When surfing the web, Frontier Secure will check each page for malicious content. If the site is safe, access will be granted to the user without interruption. If the website has a reputation for harmful behavior, the site will be blocked and the user will be advised not to enter the site. Search results will also be marked with a safety rating.

Your subscription to Frontier Multi-Device Security also comes with free access to Frontier Secure PWD, which you can read about below.

Frontier Secure PWD

These days, you need about a million passwords to meet your digital needs: email, banking, social media, health records and more. Keeping them all in your head while ensuring that each username and password is unique may feel like an insurmountable task. For those of you who make frequent use of the “Forgot My Password” button (no judgement here), let Frontier Secure PWD take a load off of your mind.

With Frontier Secure PWD, you can store your usernames, passwords, and credit card information online. Your records can be accessed from anywhere at any time on most supported devices. The best part is that you only need to remember one master password to view your login records. That’s right: with Frontier Secure PWD, you now only need to save space in your brain for that one little password (just make sure it’s a strong one). Here are some other perks to this service:

  • Receive personalized password strength reports to make sure your passwords keep your data safe.
  • Frontier Secure PWD will evaluate your passwords for weakness and then encourage you to change vulnerable passwords to stronger versions.
  • No need to make up those strong passwords on your own: Frontier Secure PWD offers a unique password generator to help you whip up solid passwords without having to think too long about it.
  • Once you log in to your Frontier Secure PWD account on a device, this service can autofill your login information. That means you won’t have to flip back and forth between windows to copy and paste your credentials.
  • You can purchase Frontier Secure PWD as an individual service or you can have it included at no additional cost with Frontier Multi-Device Security.

Frontier Identity Protection

Even if you’re careful with how you store or dispense your private information online, accidents do happen. Malware creators only increase their skills for stealing personal information. To help you safeguard your data against online attackers, you can opt for Frontier Identity Protection.

With Frontier Identity Protection, your digital identity is protected on multiple fronts through monitoring services that keep track of where your information is popping up in the online world. Then, in case your information is still manipulated, this service offers help when you need to regain control over your data. Here are some ways that Frontier Identity Protection can keep you prepared:

Frontier Password Security
  • Credit monitoring uses three different credit bureaus to track changes in your credit report. If suspicious activity is detected, you will be alerted immediately.
  • Global I.D. monitoring watches for your personal information across hundreds of databases across the world. It checks for changes or strange activity that may signal identity theft.
  • Social Security Number monitoring checks for where your SSN is being used and identifies whether or not that usage is valid.
  • Around-the-clock lost wallet services offer you support to cancel and reissue lost or stolen information in the forms of credit cards, driver’s licenses, passports and more.
  • Identity theft restoration services provide hands-on assistance to help you safely restore your credit and personal information to a secure status.

Digital Living

As home technology continues to develop, our personal Wi-Fi systems may need to reach more and more spaces in our homes that previously never needed an internet connection. These new pieces of technology might include any of the following smart devices: TV, thermostat, washer, dryer, refrigerator and more. To help with that, Frontier offers mesh networking deals to reduce the number of dead zones in your home. A mesh network is one in which multiple devices connect to and broadcast your internet so that there are multiple Wi-Fi sources in your home. These devices “mesh” together into a single unified Wi-Fi network. Not only can a strong connection save you some frustration when pairing a smart device, it can also help protect vulnerable devices from cyberattacks by keeping them firmly integrated in your network. See Frontier’s website for more information about how you can set up a mesh network to connect and protect the devices in your home.

Content Anywhere

Since you likely use multiple devices to access the internet, you probably also want to access a few important pictures, videos, songs, or documents even if you’re not at home. With Frontier’s Content Anywhere cloud storage service, you can store your precious data in a place that you can access from an internet-enabled computer, tablet or smartphone. You can collaborate, organize, search and share securely from your digital storage space which holds up to 50GB of data. You can rest easy even if your stored documents contain sensitive data because Frontier’s Content Anywhere incorporates state-of-the-art online security along with a user-friendly interface through which you can save and sync your digital belongings. You can also benefit from Frontier’s 24/7 customer service if you need any help or if you have any questions.

Frequently asked questions

How many devices can be protected under Frontier Secure’s Multi-Device Security software?

10 devices, which can be a combination of PC, Mac, Android, or iOS devices.

What is a mesh Wi-Fi network?

A mesh network is one in which multiple devices connect to and broadcast your internet so there are multiple Wi-Fi sources in your home. These devices “mesh” together into a single unified Wi-Fi network.

What is a cloud storage system?

A cloud storage system is an online service on which you can keep your digital documents, videos, songs, pictures, and more so they can be accessed from multiple devices instead of from a single device.

What makes a strong password?

Typically, a strong password consists of a mixture of letters (both upper and lower cases), numbers, and symbols. The longer the better: for extra-sensitive data or important accounts, consider a password of at least 15 characters long. Try to make the password unique and difficult to guess (this is where a password randomizer and storage system come in handy).

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