Get up to 100 Mbps download speed and unlimited data

Everyone has different circumstances, and you can’t always get reliable internet wherever you are. Viasat’s internet plans help ensure you are met with great deals, whether you are in a remote or urban area without your average internet services. Get fast, high-speed home satellite internet near you, no matter where you live.

Plans starting at
.99 /mo

for the first 3 mo. $69.99 thereafter

Find 100 Internet in your area

Viasat Internet and Voice Helps You Save

Viasat understands that not everyone has access to reliable internet because their home address is ineligible through most providers or for some other reason. That’s why we’ve created an internet plan that works for everyone, and a bundle option to add Voice services while you’re at it.

Viasat Internet is perfect for customers who…

Viasat Internet at urban home

…live in an urban area where there are no cable or fiber internet options available.

Remote or Rural Internet

…live in a remote or rural location that doesn’t have access to other types of internet.

Viasat Internet and Phone Bundle

…want to bundle internet and home phone service together at a cheap price.

Viasat Top Internet Plans and Pricing

Viasat Up to 25 Mbps Icon

Up to 25 Mbps

  • Speeds up to 25 Mbps^
  • Unlimited data, 100 GB of high-speed data
  • Best for email, web browsing on up to 2 small devices
  • 480p picture quality by default
Viasat Up to 50 Mbps Icon

Up to 50 Mbps

  • Speeds up to 50 Mbps^
  • Unlimited standard data, 200 GB of high-speed data
  • Best for email, web browsing and social media
  • 480p picture quality by default
Viasat Up to 75 Mbps Icon

Up to 75 Mbps

  • Speeds up to 75 Mbps^
  • Unlimited standard data, 300 GB of high-speed data
  • 4K streaming quality available
  • Ideal for up to four medium and large devices
Viasat Up to 100 Mbps Icon

Up to 100 Mbps

  • Speeds up to 100 Mbps^
  • Unlimited standard data, 400 GB of high-speed data
  • 4K streaming quality available
  • Ideal for up to five large devices for the most connectivity

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Viasat Voice Features

Viasat Voice Offers Great Features

Get awesome features that you never knew you needed with Viasat Voice such as:

  • Unlimited Calling
  • Unlimited Voice
  • Caller ID and Voicemail

Get $10 off Viasat home phone when you bundle Voice with internet

Get These Great Viasat Offers:

100 EasyCare Icon

Viasat EasyCare. An affordable way to ensure your internet service is protected.

100 Phone and Internet Bundle

Get $10 off Viasat home phone when you bundle Voice with internet.*

Work or Learn From Home? Try Viasat Office Hours

Office Hours is an add-on service to Viasat Internet plans that lets you work on popular business apps every day from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. local time without using all of your plan’s High-Speed Data.^ Business apps include web browsers, real-time communications apps, social networks, VPNs and email.

Office Hours is $40 per month and provides unlimited data. To learn more, call today!

Frequently asked questions

How fast is Viasat Internet?

Viasat Internet speeds may differ depending on your area, so we would encourage you to call to find out specific plans at your address. For the most part, the fastest Viasat download speeds are up to 100 Mbps, which is fast enough for streaming, gaming and more.

Is Viasat good for Netflix?

The best Viasat plan for Netflix is the Up to 100 Mbps, which allows a full HD quality display. But overall, since Netflix only requires 5 Mbps for an HD quality display, streaming services like Netflix is possible.

What is Viasat EasyCare?

Viasat EasyCare offers an extra level of service protection, assistance, and support to Viasat Internet customers. It is currently $9.99 per month and provides covered service calls, priority customer support, discounted dish relocation and the ability to cancel EasyCare at any time.

Does Viasat have low income internet?

Viasat offers a ton of budget-friendly rural internet options, but unlike its counterparts, it does not have a program for low income individuals. The best bet for this is to go through a governmentally funded program like Lifeline.

Is Viasat Internet a good choice for rural homes?

Viasat Internet is a great choice for rural homes. Viasat is available all across the country, offering fast, reliable internet service where other providers won't reach. Viasat even offers unlimited data.

How long is the Viasat contract?

There is a minimum 24-month term agreement with Viasat.

The Pros and Cons of Satellite Internet

Satellite internet may be an option for web users in low-connection areas, but is it right for you? Learn more about satellite internet here.