What Is Spectrum Advanced WiFi?

Your internet service connects your home to the world. It’s crucial to maintain control of that connection on behalf of the family members who use it! For Spectrum Internet users, the task of monitoring and protecting residential WiFi service just got easier with Spectrum Advanced WiFi.

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  • What Is Spectrum Advanced WiFi?
  • What Are the Features of Spectrum Advanced WiFi?
  • What Is Spectrum Security Shield?
  • What Are the Features of Spectrum Security Shield?
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Spectrum Advanced WiFi is a service now available to Spectrum Internet customers to help them keep their WiFi connections running securely and smoothly. With features like connected device management and Spectrum Security Shield, you can take control of your home’s WiFi network and who has access to it. Having this power only increases the safety of online connectivity in your home.

What Is Spectrum Advanced WiFi?

Spectrum Advanced WiFi is an optional service from Spectrum which provides Spectrum Internet customers with the ability to take control of your WiFi connection through the My Spectrum App. This service comes at $5 per month and can be applied to whichever Spectrum Internet plan you choose. This could be a game changer for the Spectrum Internet customers who want to have a little more autonomy over their online connection.

For those of us looking for even a little more out of our  service subscriptions: you could be getting this service for FREE. With the new Spectrum One package, your selected Spectrum Internet tier can come with a waived monthly fee for Advanced Spectrum WiFi and one FREE Spectrum Unlimited line. If monthly savings of nearly $35 sounds sweet to you, then give National Broadband a call using the phone number on this page. We can help you personalize the package you need for your home!

What Are the Features of Spectrum Advanced WiFi?

Your Spectrum Advanced WiFi comes with a variety of features designed to help you take full advantage of everything your Spectrum Internet plan has to offer. The tools listed below also promote the security and optimization of your network.

Keep Bandwidth Running Smoothly

To help your Spectrum Internet connection remain as fast as it is advertised to run, you can use your Advanced WiFi service to monitor and eliminate unnecessary connections on your network. This may be important for you because the amount of devices connected to your network can have a direct impact on how well your internet service performs. This is a normal phenomenon! If you have too many devices using your Spectrum Internet connection, they may tax your network too heavily for you to be able to expect standard performance for the devices you already have connected. You might also find it difficult to connect more devices to your service without jeopardizing the connection the rest of your devices may receive.

Manage the Devices You’ve Already Connected

Spectrum Advanced WiFi makes it easy to organize the devices you do opt to keep on your network. With this service, you can make your trusted devices quickly identifiable with nicknames and device groups. Device nicknames can help you distinguish between devices which have non-obvious names. For example, device nicknames could mean the difference between “tablet” and “tablet” or “Mom’s tablet” and “Dad’s tablet.” Then, once you’ve assigned device nicknames, you can group your regular devices together for easy management. One way to use this function might be to gather the devices for the adults in your family into one group and the kids’ devices into another. Then you can use those groups to easily shut down the internet for just the kids’ devices when it’s time to go to bed.

Another perk of this feature is that you’ll get alerts when new devices join your network. If that new device does NOT have a nickname assigned by you yet, then it truly is a new device for you to investigate. If that device has a nickname, then no worries! It’s a known device. Because unknown devices carry the risk of introducing malware into your internet connection, keeping track of where new devices are coming from can increase the security of your network.

Schedule Device Connections

Instead of manually restricting access to certain devices on your network, you can schedule when certain devices do or do not have access to the internet. This feature will be helpful for parents who are attempting to set healthy technology habits for kids at home! As previously mentioned, scheduled device connections could help with bedtime so that young folks in your family aren’t online well into the night. This could also be helpful for your typical mealtime, when devices are often unnecessary.

If there are no kids in your home, this feature could also be helpful for those working from home! If you’re struggling to focus because your favorite device is causing you to procrastinate, you could schedule that device to be offline when you’re normally supposed to be working. In the age of technological overload and doom scrolling, we could all use a little help focusing sometimes. You can use Spectrum Advanced WiFi to support that goal.

Access Advanced WiFi Through App

Perhaps the best part about these Spectrum Advanced WiFi perks is that Spectrum makes the job of managing your connection as uncomplicated as possible. You can take advantage of all these features right from your My Spectrum App! No need to be logged into a desktop computer or a web browser to make the changes you need to make to your Spectrum Internet network. Just have the app downloaded and logged into on your phone, then manage your connection from anywhere.

What Is Spectrum Security Shield?

The Spectrum Advanced WiFi features we’ve already mentioned here are available to you to help you make sure your connection runs smoothly and safely. But why stop there? Included in your Spectrum Advanced WiFi service is Spectrum Security Shield. This is an additional layer of protection created to keep Spectrum customers as secure online as possible.

What Are the Features of Spectrum Security Shield?

Spectrum Security Shield is available to Spectrum Advanced WiFi customers to reinforce the online protection features included with Spectrum Internet. Below are some specific ways in which this perk creates an online line of defense between you and digital danger.

Block Potential Threats

Spectrum Security Shield uses IP addresses to identify and block users from trying to access your network’s devices from outside your network.

Browse Securely

It’s not possible to know every website’s dangers before you get to them. To aid you in this regard, Spectrum Security Shield blocks connected browsers from loading certain websites which have a reputation for harming visitors. Even though this feature can help prevent malware attacks before they happen, phishing scammers continue to become more and more advanced in their craft. Make sure you help protect yourself, too, by avoiding phishing attempts.

Protect Others If Your Devices Are Hacked

Accidents do happen—regardless of how much effort you put into best online safety practices. In the event that your device is invaded by malware, Spectrum Security Shield also has the ability to potentially protect other users from an infected device. This service can block outgoing activity from your network if that activity is consistent with a denial of service (DoS) attack. A DoS attack works to use an infected device as a gateway to invading other devices. For more information about what can corrupt your devices, check out our post about types of malware.

Detect Unusual Device Activity on Smart Devices

Your smart home devices are unfortunately also vulnerable to hacking. However, Spectrum Security Shield will monitor your connected devices and will then report to you if it detects any unusual activity from your smart home devices, such as thermostats and speakers. For more ideas about smart home technology, visit our guide about how to make your home a smart one.

Frequently asked questions

What is Spectrum Advanced WiFi?

Spectrum Advanced WiFi is an optional paid service through Spectrum which can be applied to any Spectrum Internet subscription in areas where Spectrum service is available. This service allows Spectrum Internet users to manage the devices and security measures associated with their home WiFi networks. Read the post above for more details about which features are included.

What is Spectrum Security Shield?

Spectrum Security Shield is an additional protection software available to Spectrum Advanced WiFi customers. It offers extra security features to ensure that users have better chances of staying safe online.

Can I have Spectrum Security Shield without Advanced WiFi?

No. Spectrum Security Shield is only included as part of Spectrum Advanced WiFi services.

How do I know if I have Spectrum Advanced WiFi?

If you have Spectrum Advanced WiFi, you should be able to log in to the My Spectrum App, select “Services” and in that section see manageable devices on “Your Spectrum Network.”

What Is Spectrum One?

Spectrum One is a new Spectrum plan that combines Spectrum Internet, Advanced WiFi and Spectrum Mobile Unlimited into one affordable package.

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