What Is the Xumo Stream Box?

The Xumo Stream Box is a new way to watch all your favorite content, all in one place. This streaming device is now available to get for free through Spectrum. Learn how to get it and about all its features below.

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  • What Is Xumo?
  • Xumo Stream Box Features
  • How to Get Xumo Stream Box
  • Current Spectrum TV Plans
  • What Is Spectrum One Stream?
  • Xumo Stream Box FAQ


The Xumo Stream Box is a brand new way to watch all your favorite live and On Demand content, all in one place. This streaming device is available right now to Spectrum customers and can be added to your Spectrum TV plan for free for 6 months.* The Xumo Stream Box is now also available to Xfinity customers.

What Is Xumo?

Xumo is a TV streaming platform that puts all your favorite streaming apps and live TV in one place. With Xumo, you can watch apps such as the Spectrum TV App, Netflix, YouTube, Peacock, and so many more, as well as live TV through a provider like Spectrum.

When you sign up for Spectrum TV, you have the opportunity to receive a FREE Xumo Stream Box for 6 months. On this Xumo Stream Box, hundreds of streaming apps will come pre-installed, meaning there is no downloading whatsoever required on your end. Just plug it in and get streaming.


Xumo Stream Box Features

The Xumo Stream Box, now available through Spectrum, allows you to stream all your content in one place. That includes live TV, along with the Spectrum TV App, and all your other favorite streaming apps.

Here are the features Spectrum customers can expect upon receiving the Xumo Stream Box:

Live TV service: Watch live TV through the Spectrum TV App and use a built-in TV guide to easily navigate the interface.

Immediate streaming: With the Xumo Stream Box, there is no downloading of apps required. They’re all automatically built into the Stream Box. Just sign in and get streaming!

Easy browsing and personalization: Viewers will receive custom recommendations on what to watch.

Convenient voice search: Use your voice to easily and quickly find the content you are searching for across multiple apps.

Customized playlists for everyone: Every family member can create a custom list of either live and On Demand content using the “My List” feature.

Call to order Spectrum

Ready to order Spectrum? Call 844-887-8822 to get started.

How to Get the Xumo Stream Box

It is very easy to get the Xumo Stream Box through Spectrum. New customers that sign up for Spectrum TV can receive the Xumo Stream for free for 6 months.*

Alternatively, a Xumo Stream Box can be purchased as a one-time payment for $60 (valued at $5/month for 12 months).

To order Spectrum and receive a free Xumo Stream Box for 6 months, call the phone number on this page!

For an example of a Spectrum package that qualifies for a free Xumo Stream Box, see the section below.


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Current Spectrum TV Plans

Spectrum has many cable TV and streaming-only plans that are available to add to your Spectrum One plan. Browse below:

Spectrum TV Stream
80 Home Phone
$39.99 /mo
  • Stream 80+ essential TV channels over Spectrum Internet connection
  • Great for watching entertainment and lifestyle networks
  • No cable box required
Check Availabilityor Call Spectrum Sales Department844-887-8822
Spectrum TV Choice 15
15 Home Phone
$29.99 /mo
Spectrum Mi Plan Latino
145 Home Phone
$39.99 /mo
Spectrum TV Select Signature
150 Home Phone
$64.99 /mo
Spectrum TV Select Plus
160 Home Phone
$74.99 /mo

What Is Spectrum One Stream?

Spectrum One Stream is a Spectrum package that provides practically every Spectrum service you could ask for.

For the price of a Spectrum Internet + Spectrum TV package, customers will receive Spectrum Internet, Spectrum Advanced WiFi, one line of Spectrum Mobile Unlimited, Spectrum TV and a free Xumo Stream Box for a whole year.

View the table below to see a breakdown of a popular Spectrum One Stream plan with all its included features:


Spectrum One Stream Package
ServiceMonthly Starting Price WITHOUT Spectrum OneMonthly Starting Price WITH Spectrum One
Spectrum Internet (300 Mbps)$49.99 with Auto Pay$49.99 with Auto Pay
Spectrum Advanced WiFi$5FREE
Spectrum Mobile Unlimited (One line)$29.99FREE
Spectrum TV Select Signature$64.99$64.99
Xumo Stream Box$5FREE
Total Cost$149.97$149.97 $114.98 for 12 months
  • Get Spectrum Internet, Advanced WiFi, Mobile and TV in one package
  • Pay only the cost of your chosen Internet + TV tiers for a whole year
  • Watch all the TV you love, at your fingertips
  • Experience unlimited Spectrum Mobile
Spectrum One
Image source: Spectrum

Frequently asked questions

What is the Xumo Stream Box?

The Xumo Stream Box is an all-in-one, easy to use streaming device that lets you watch live TV from your provider (currently only offered by Spectrum) as well as hundreds of streaming apps that come downloaded on the device. Xumo Stream Box is a joint venture between Charter (Spectrum) and Comcast (Xfinity).

Where can I get the Xumo Stream Box?

Currently, the Xumo Stream Box is available with Spectrum. New Spectrum customers can receive a Xumo Stream Box free for 6 months with any Spectrum TV plan.

What apps are included on the Xumo Stream Box?

The Xumo Stream Box allows users to watch live TV and On Demand content all in one place, with the Spectrum TV App available alongside popular apps such as Netflix, Max, Disney+, Hulu, and many others. Essentially, get all your apps in one place, and easily navigate through all your favorite content via the voice remote.

How much does the Xumo Stream Box cost?

The Xumo Stream Box is currently available free for 6 months with Spectrum TV plans. It is also available to lease at a cost of $5 per month, or it can be purchased outright at a cost of $60.

How much does the Xumo Stream Box cost after 6 months?

After 6 months, the Xumo Stream Box is $5/month.

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