AT&T vs. Spectrum In 2024

AT&T and Spectrum are two of the largest internet service providers in the industry. Which one is better?

Table of Contents

  • Overview of AT&T vs. Spectrum
  • Pros and Cons of AT&T and Spectrum
  • Best AT&T and Spectrum Internet Plans
  • AT&T Packages, Spectrum Packages
  • What Are AT&T and Spectrum Speeds?
  • What Are the Best Perks of AT&T and Spectrum?
  • Is AT&T or Spectrum Better?
  • FAQ


Overall, AT&T and Spectrum are two internet and TV juggernauts that both offer a variety of internet and TV plans. Some plans would work great for larger families while others are not as robust. AT&T has some great bundle options with AT&T Fiber and DIRECTV via Internet or DIRECTV via Satellite, making it a great option for families who want to be online at high speeds while also getting tons of TV options. Spectrum has good deals as well, as Spectrum TV and Spectrum Internet plans are contract-free with no data caps. Either service provider will give you quality service, and whichever you choose depends on what you value most out of your entertainment experience.

The Pros and Cons of AT&T and Spectrum

AT&T and Spectrum are two major internet and TV service providers, each with their respective pros and cons:

AT&T Pros and Cons

AT&T Fiber is very fast, fiber-fast, to be exact, and also comes with unlimited data. It provides symmetric download and upload speeds, meaning download and upload speeds are the same, which is great for video calling, gaming online, and more. AT&T Fiber is also perfect for bundling with a live TV streaming service like DIRECTV via Internet.

  • Fast internet speeds with AT&T Fiber, up to 5-Gigs
  • Symmetrical upload and download speeds
  • Unlimited internet data
  • Security included
  • Limited availability

Spectrum Pros and Cons

Spectrum has fast speeds and very simple package deals. Spectrum Internet is also unlimited, meaning no data caps. They also have no contracts, meaning customers can cancel service whenever. Their plans and packages are easily customizable and are budget-friendly. Spectrum is also widely available across the country.

  • Fast speeds for a good price
  • National coverage
  • No contracts, no data caps
  • Simple bundle options
  • Price jump in second year
  • No plans with free installation
  • Expensive Gig plan

Best AT&T Fiber and Spectrum Internet Plans

AT&T Fiber Plans
Plan SpeedStarting Price (/mo. with Auto Pay)
AT&T Fiber 300Mbps300 Mbps$55.00
AT&T Fiber 500Mbps500 Mbps$65.00
AT&T Fiber 1 GIG1000 Mbps$80.00
AT&T Fiber 2 GIG2000 Mbps$145.00
AT&T Fiber 5 GIG5000 Mbps$245.00
Spectrum Internet Plans
Plan SpeedStarting Price (/mo. with Auto Pay)
Spectrum InternetUp to 300 Mbps $49.99
Spectrum Internet UltraUp to 500 Mbps $69.99
Spectrum Internet GigUp to 1000 Mbps $79.99

Best AT&T and Spectrum Packages

Why get just one service when you can package services together and ultimately save money? AT&T and Spectrum both have great packaged deals.

AT&T Featured Packages
Plan Internet SpeedTV ChannelsStarting Price (/mo. with Auto Pay)
AT&T Fiber 300Mbps + DIRECTV ENTERTAINMENT via Internet300 Mbps75$124.99
AT&T Internet 1000 + DIRECTV STREAM ENTERTAINMENT1000 Mbps75$154.99
AT&T Fiber 300Mbps + DIRECTV ENTERTAINMENT via Satellite300 Mbps165$124.99
AT&T Internet 1000 + DIRECTV Entertainment1000 Mbps160$144.99

We recommend bundling AT&T Fiber with DIRECTV via Internet to get a more in-depth app experience.

Spectrum Featured Packages
Plan Internet SpeedTV ChannelsStarting Price (/mo. with Auto Pay)
Spectrum TV Stream + Internet300 Mbps80$89.98
Spectrum TV Select Signature + Internet300 Mbps150$114.98
Spectrum TV Select Signature + Internet Ultra500 Mbps150$134.98
Spectrum TV Select Signature + Internet Gig1000 Mbps150$144.98

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AT&T Fiber and Spectrum Internet Speeds

At 1,000 Mbps, you can do pretty much anything in your home. Multiple people can use the internet at the same time, whether they are streaming their favorite show on Netflix or Max, working from home or gaming online. If you don’t need that much speed in your home, get a lower speed for a lower cost – both providers have many options available.

AT&T Fiber now offers 2-Gig and 5-Gig speeds – these are remarkable speeds that let you accomplish virtually any online activity with ease.

AT&T Fiber highest and lowest speed

  • Highest 5000 Mbps
  • Lowest 300 Mbps

Spectrum Internet highest and lowest speed

  • Highest 1000 Mbps
  • Lowest 300 Mbps

Extra Features

These features depend on the plan or package.

AT&T Fiber Extra Features

  • Symmetrical internet speeds (equal download and upload)
  • Unlimited data
  • Internet security included
  • Fiber internet great for working or learning from home, gaming, streaming and more
  • Promotional reward cards available

Spectrum Internet Extra Features

  • No contracts
  • FREE Spectrum On Demand
  • Up to a $500 contract buyout when you switch to Spectrum*
  • FREE modem
  • No data caps
  • Ability to customize TV plan

Conclusion: Is AT&T or Spectrum Better?

AT&T and Spectrum are both perfectly acceptable options for internet and TV service. Both providers offer high-speed internet plans and the ability to bundle with robust TV plans.

Both providers also come with certain special features and perks such as unlimited data and app inclusions with the ability to customize a plan to your exact preference.

These two providers are juggernauts for a reason. They both offer a multitude of plans at affordable prices that supply millions of households with high-quality services. Your decision may ultimately come down to availability at your address.

If both providers are available at your address, maybe the following tables can help your household make an inform decision:

AT&T vs. Spectrum: Internet Comparison
FeatureAT&T FiberSpectrum Internet
Availability21 states46 states
Internet Connection TypeFiberCable
Internet Speeds300-5000 Mbps200-940 Mbps
Symmetrical Internet SpeedsYesNo
Data UsageUnlimitedUnlimited
Price Range (/mo. with Auto Pay)$55.00-$245.00$49.99-$79.99
Can You Bundle?YesYes, including Spectrum One promotion
Best Overall FeatureFiber-fast speeds, reliability, symmetrical upload/download speedsUnlimited data, no contracts, widespread availability, Spectrum One savings
AT&T vs. Spectrum: TV Comparison
FeatureDIRECTV (via Internet or via Satellite)Spectrum TV
Availability50 states46 states
TV Connection TypeSatellite or streamCable or stream
TV Channel Count75-330+70-200+
Price Range (/mo.)$69.99-$149.99$39.99-$64.99 and up
Can You Bundle?YesYes
Best Overall FeatureTons of channels, 4K picture quality, most sports of any TV serviceFREE Spectrum On Demand, tons of HD channels, Spectrum Originals content

If you want more assistance for choosing an internet or TV plan, give the experts at National Broadband a call today. We help to guide you every plan and provider available at your address to save you money and get you a good deal.

Frequently asked questions

What is the cost of Spectrum Internet only?

The cost of Spectrum Internet is $49.99 per month for 12 months with Auto Pay.

What is the cheapest AT&T Fiber plan?

The cheapest AT&T Fiber plan is currently AT&T Fiber 300Mbps for $55.00 per month with Auto Pay.

How many states is AT&T Fiber available in?

Currently in 21 states.

How many states is Spectrum Internet available in?

Currently in 46 states.

How fast is Spectrum Internet?

The fastest Spectrum Internet plan is currently Spectrum Internet Gig, which provides speeds up to 1000 Mbps at a price of $79.99 per month, with Auto Pay.

How fast is AT&T Fiber?

The fastest AT&T Fiber plan is currently AT&T Fiber 5 GIG, which provides speeds up to @OfferInternetSpeed3574) Mbps at a price of $245.00 per month, with Auto Pay.

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