Is AT&T Fiber Worth It?

AT&T FIBER provides you with speeds, and prices, that are perfect for the whole family to stay connected. It’s not just fast, it’s fiber-fast. You will be getting high-speed, unlimited, reliable fiber internet that will power your whole family’s devices when you make the switch.

Table of Contents

  • Does AT&T Fiber Have Fast Speeds?
  • Does AT&T Fiber Have Unlimited Internet Data?
  • Is AT&T Fiber Reliable?
  • How Does AT&T Fiber Compare to Cable?
  • AT&T Fiber Customer Satisfaction
  • FAQ


AT&T Fiber is AT&T’s self-proclaimed “best internet.” When you sign up, you’ll be getting a fast, reliable and satisfying internet experience that is perfect for work, school and play.

The speeds and bandwidth AT&T Fiber provides are more than enough to allow for streaming, gaming and more on multiple devices simultaneously. Elevate your online experience by switching now.

Does AT&T Fiber Have Fast Speeds?

When we say AT&T Fiber has low prices for high speeds, we mean it. AT&T Fiber currently provides five plans to choose from, including AT&T Hyper-Gig speeds, each with its respective best perk.

AT&T Fiber 300MbpsAT&T Fiber 500MbpsAT&T Fiber 1 GIGAT&T Fiber 2 GIGAT&T Fiber 5 GIG
Starting Price (/mo.)*$55.00 plus taxes$65.00 plus taxes$80.00 plus taxes$110.00 plus taxes$180.00 plus taxes
Speeds300 Mbps500 Mbps1000 Mbps2000 Mbps5000 Mbps
Good ForStreaming HD videos, gaming, file sharingMultiple users/devices, streaming, large file sharingUltra-connected homes, serious gaming, home office usersHyper-connected homes, competitive gaming, work/learn from home with easeTop online performance available
Best PerkLowest price, symmetrical speedsBest overall value, symmetrical speedsFast, symmetrical speedsSuperfast, symmetrical speedsFastest speeds available on the market, symmetrical

Does AT&T Fiber Have Unlimited Internet Data?

Every AT&T Fiber plan offers unlimited data. That means your family will be free to use all the data you want every single month without fear of exceeding any data caps.

No restrictions means all the streaming, gaming, browsing and binging you can dream of.

Is AT&T Fiber Reliable?

AT&T Fiber is there for you whenever you need it. It earned a 99% Proven Reliability rating*, meaning you’ll have a high-speed internet that is more than capable of connecting you to whatever it is you love. Best of all, AT&T Fiber is purely symmetrical, meaning your download and upload speeds are the same. This is a perk of fiber-optic internet that makes it more reliable and consistently impressive when compared to cable, DSL or satellite.

Multi-Generation Family using internet devices at one time

How Does AT&T Fiber Compare to Cable?

AT&T Fiber is the best choice for large families or households who use multiple devices at the same time. When you rely on a cable connection, the proper bandwidth necessary for using many devices just isn’t there.

Its high-speed, fiber-optic technology lets many devices use the same internet connection simultaneously with no issues. This means that you can have someone streaming a movie on TV, another person playing a video game console in another room while someone else streams music on their phone with no slow downs.

AT&T Fiber Customer Satisfaction

When you deliver high speeds for low prices with strong Wi-Fi coverage, customers take notice. AT&T Fiber’s Wi-Fi coverage was named #1 in quality.^

It’s easy to see why someone chooses AT&T Fiber every 33 seconds!^^

Frequently asked questions

Is AT&T internet fiber?

Yes, AT&T's high-speed internet uses a fiber-optic network. AT&T's DSL internet has been discontinued.

How fast is 1 Gig internet?

1 Gig is very fast! 1 Gig (or ~940 Mbps) is more than enough speed to handle any online activity you plan on doing. AT&T Hyper-Gig, with 2,000 Mbps or 5,000 Mbps speeds, is also available in limited areas.

Is AT&T Hyper-Gig available near me?

AT&T Hyper-Gig (2-Gig or 5-Gig) has limited availability. Call to learn more.

Is AT&T Fiber available in my area?

Call National Broadband or use our ZIP code search feature to see if AT&T Fiber is in your area. AT&T's fiber network is always expanding.

Does AT&T Fiber come with a router?

Yes, the equipment fee (meaning the router) is included in the monthly bill. The only extra cost not included in the advertised price is taxes.

Does AT&T Fiber have contracts?

No, there are no annual contracts with AT&T Fiber. You can pay month to month.

Does AT&T Fiber have data caps?

Every AT&T Fiber plan has unlimited data.

Is AT&T Fiber good for gaming?

AT&T Fiber might be the best internet service for gamers. With fiber internet, you receive a reliable, unbelievably fast connection with equal download and upload speeds, meaning your latency is reduced dramatically. Symmetrical AT&T Fiber is perfect for online gaming.