What Is the Cox Panoramic Wifi Gateway?

If you have Cox Internet and you depend heavily on your connection to the web, you may want to look into refining your service with the Cox Panoramic Wifi Gateway. Below, you’ll find out more about how this service can grant you more control over the security and usage of your home network.

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  • What is Cox Panoramic Wifi Gateway?
  • Manage Devices on your Network
  • Establish Healthy Internet Habits
  • Stay in Charge of Your Own Security
  • FAQ


If you are a customer of Cox’s high-speed internet, you can enhance your experience with their Cox Panoramic Wifi Gateway. This service allows you to manage devices on your network, manage healthy tech habits and boost your online security. Adding this service to your plan can only benefit your internet experience through Cox!

What Is the Cox Panoramic Wifi Gateway?

The Panoramic Wifi Gateway is a paid service from Cox Internet in which you rent a Panoramic Wifi Gateway modem/router combo device from Cox for $13 per month. This device uses a technique called “Band Steering” to encourage high-use devices to use the Gateway’s higher-capacity GHz band of service instead of its slower 2.4 GHz band. The Gateway also automatically chooses the most appropriate Wifi frequencies for surfing, streaming, and sharing. The best part is that the Panoramic Wifi Gateway is compatible with any tier of Cox Internet service. So, whether you have Go Faster or Go Super Fast, you’re covered!

Panoramic Wifi Gateway includes an app that connects to your internet service so you can finally be the one to be the boss of your Wifi—instead of the other way around. It’s a service to help the many folks who feel like they’re at the mercy of technology because have no idea how to wrangle their very-important but ultimately-very-invisible Wifi.

This service also supports the establishment of a mesh network in your home internet. You can add Panoramic Wifi Pods in addition to your Panoramic Wifi Gateway to help create a “mesh Wifi network” in your home. Incorporating these Pods into your network can help prevent your home from having spots where the Wifi signal is weak. You can read our post about mesh Wifi to find out more about how adding devices like a Panoramic Wifi Pod can help enhance your internet experience.

Finally, one connection to Cox Elite Gamer is also included with your Panoramic Wifi Gateway subscription. Visit our related blog post about Cox Elite Gamer to learn more.

Manage Cox Internet Devices Easily

Manage Devices on Your Cox Panoramic Wifi Network

Identify Devices
Keep your internet secure by using this feature to identify which devices are connected to your network. Whenever a new device connects to your home network, it will appear under your Devices list as either their default device name or a manufacturer-set title. If the device is not a recognized one, you can take steps to remove it from your network.

Personalize Devices
You can name your devices for easier reference. You can also attach them to a specific user profile so you can see who’s using the internet and when.

Remove devices
When you need to, you can use the Cox Panoramic Wifi app to remove a device that isn’t connected from the Devices section by “forgetting” it on your Devices list. You can also always pause a device does not need to have access to the internet at the moment.

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Establish Healthy Internet Habits with Cox Panoramic Wifi

Create profiles
To help manage devices connected to your network, you can set up user profiles for your household members who frequently use the internet. You can identify devices and connect specific devices to any user profile. For example, Mom’s phone and tablet might be attached to her user profile, while Dad’s phone and laptop are associated with his profile and their child’s designated tablet is associated with her account. (NOTE: User profiles cannot be deleted and will only appear in the “People” section once a device is associated with it.)

Pause devices
You can select a profile or a group of devices to have their internet “paused” while they are connected to your home network. You can set up an end time for this intentional pause in service or you can leave it paused indefinitely until you elect to remove the pause again later.

Activate time alerts
Help promote healthy internet habits in your home! You can set limits on how much time a certain user on your network accesses the internet. Once you set a time limit on a profile, you will be alerted if that user meets their Active Time limit if you have Network Activity notifications enabled on your account. Although the system will not automatically pause that user’s account if they meet their limit, once you receive the notification you will have the option of pausing the account like you normally would.

Enable Bedtime Mode
You can schedule internet downtime across your network to automatically pause Wifi for all devices assigned to a profile. This might restrict access during mealtimes, for example, or encourage users to put internet-paused devices away when it’s time for bed.

Fine-tune parental controls
For specific users on your profile, you can enable Parental Controls to help limit your child’s exposure to potentially explicit content as long as that device stays connected to your home internet network.

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Use Cox Panoramic Wifi to Stay in Charge of Your Own Security

Set up secure browsing
With Panoramic Wifi, you can opt into Protected Browsing for free! This service safeguards your home networks from accessing sites that are known sources for malware, spyware, and phishing based on updated lists by Zvelo.

Manage network devices
From your Cox Panoramic Wifi app, you can see which devices are connected and using the internet as well as which known devices are currently inactive. Not only can this be helpful for inspecting the security of your internet, it is also helpful for investigating the online/offline status of your Gateway and any Panoramic Wifi Pods you may have chosen to add to your network.

Access notification center
Gateway will notify you of security changes on your network as they happen. You’ll receive notifications about anything that impacts access to your home like Wifi name updates, password changes, IP address changes, network switching between broadcast and hidden or closed and open, and more. You can choose what type of notifications you get and when you get them as long as your personal information is updated in your Cox Panoramic Wifi Gateway account.

For more information about how Cox is committed to protecting its customers, visit our post about Cox Security Suite Plus.

Frequently asked questions

How does Panoramic Wifi Gateway help me?

The Panoramic Wifi Gateway is a modem/router combo device that you can rent from Cox Internet to keep your home Wifi secure and to encourage it to move quickly. One speed feature of this offer from Cox is that it uses band steering to help compatible devices get their service from less crowded bands of speed. You also have free access to the Cox Panoramic Wifi app that helps you organize devices, observe usage data, and set usage limits.

What can I do on the app for Cox’s Panoramic Wifi Gateway?

With the app, you can enjoy the many features of this service that help you manage devices on your network, establish healthy internet habits, and keep your network secure. For example, from the dashboard on the Cox Panoramic Wifi app, you can see who’s connected and on what device. You can also pause internet service to specific devices and set up parental controls for certain users.

What is Band Steering?

“Band Steering” encourages high-use and dual-band enabled devices to use the Gateway’s higher-capacity GHz band of service instead of its slower 2.4 GHz band. This helps devices gain faster service over less-congested bands of speed.

How is the Panoramic Wifi Gateway different from the other modem offered by Cox?

This is the only router that Cox offer for rental and it supports all levels of their internet service from Go Faster to Go Super Fast. The rental policy for this device allows Cox to ensure that their customers have only the newest devices as technology develops. An additional perk of rental is that you don’t buy the modem and then later end up getting stuck with an outdated device.

How much does the Cox Panoramic Wifi Gateway cost?

The Cox Panoramic Wifi Gateway costs $13 per month.

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