DIRECTV STREAM1 Review for 2023

DIRECTV STREAM is a live TV streaming service from DIRECTV. The easy-to-use technology, bountiful channels and no-cable nonsense make it a great choice for TV lovers who don’t want to deal with traditional cable service. Its prices are about the same (or even more expensive) than traditional TV, but with everything you get in its higher-tier packages, you get what you pay for.

Table of Contents

  • Overall Review of DIRECTV STREAM for 2023
  • What is the Price of DIRECTV STREAM?
  • What Features Does DIRECTV STREAM Have?
  • Are There Any Requirements for DIRECTV STREAM?
  • What Channels Does DIRECTV STREAM Have?
  • Does DIRECTV STREAM Have Contracts?
  • FAQ


DIRECTV STREAM offers a robust, and therefore pricey, streaming service that provides an authentic TV experience for cord cutters. Users will love the easy installation, clean, simple interface, and convenience. Drawbacks includes some pricier higher-end packages and paying extra for more cloud storage.

However, if you are looking for a streaming service that has hundreds of channels, including premium and sports, look no further than DIRECTV STREAM.


AT&T launched AT&T TV in early 2020, which was rebranded to DIRECTV STREAM in 2021 following DIRECTV once again becoming a standalone company. DIRECTV now operates two TV services – DIRECTV STREAM is an on-demand TV streaming service (meaning you stream TV channels over the internet through its streaming device) and DIRECTV is a satellite TV service.

DIRECTV STREAM tries to appeal to cord-cutters, people who have had enough of paying for cable and want to have more control over what they watch and how much they pay for it. This means they offer a few different packages that include or exclude certain channels. And because it is a full TV service – not just a streaming service like Netflix or HBO MaxTM – it can get kind of pricey, especially in the second year of contracts.

How Much Does DIRECTV STREAM Cost?

The cheapest package, DIRECTV ENTERTAINMENT via Internet, starts at $64.99/mo.1 With this package you get:

  • 75+ channels
  • ESPN, Nickelodeon, TNT, HGTV & more
  • HBO Max free for three months2

The prices only go up from there, but so does the number of channels and other features. For example, the DIRECTV CHOICE™ via Internet package for $84.99/mo. gives you:

  • 105+ channels
  • FX, NATGEO Wild, Golf Channel & more
  • HBO Max for one year2

What Do You Get With DIRECTV STREAM?

DIRECTV STREAM offers many features that digital-age TV viewers will find helpful.

Key Features
  • All-in-one access anywhere1
  • Access to 7,000+ apps with Google Play2
  • HBO Max included for a time dependent on chosen package
  • 500 hours of Cloud DVR storage & unlimited simultaneous recordings3
  • Contactless delivery and fast, easy installation
  • 4K compatibility4

What Do I Need for DIRECTV STREAM?

With DIRECTV STREAM, you don’t need to have AT&T internet to use it. However, you do need high-speed internet from any provider. DIRECTV recommends a minimum of 24 Mbps download speeds to enable the service to work properly.

Besides a TV/screen to display your content, all you need is the streaming device which comes your package purchase. You can also use your own compatible streaming device.

What Channels Does DIRECTV STREAM Have?

The live TV streaming service has a great channel selection from its lowest-tier package up to its highest.


This package includes many favorites you would expect with a TV service, including:

  • Animal Planet
  • BBC America
  • CNN
  • Comedy Central
  • Discovery
  • ESPN
  • Food Network
  • and more
DIRECTV CHOICE™ via Internet

This package includes 105+ channels, including all the best from DIRECTV ENTERTAINMENT via Internet and:

  • Cheddar
  • Game Show Network
  • Fuse
  • MLB Network
  • NBA TV
  • Science Channel
  • Travel Channel
  • and more

DIRECTV STREAM PREMIER and its 140+ channels gets you the best from ENTERTAINMENT and CHOICE, plus:

  • HBO and HBO MaxTM
  • Cinemax
  • Hallmark Movies
  • and more

No matter which package you choose, you’re going to find something you want to watch. The prices of the fancier packages can be quite intimidating, but if you consider yourself a TV lover but don’t want cable, DIRECTV STREAM is as good as it gets.

Does DIRECTV STREAM Have Contracts?

There are no annual contracts required.

DIRECTV STREAM: Cost Breakdown
No Annual Contract Required
More consistent monthly pricing starting at $64.99/mo. + tax, no big price jump at month 13.
Add 1 or more devices for $5/mo. each for 24 months.*
Regional Sports Fee included in monthly price for CHOICETM Package and above.
20 hours Cloud DVR included. Make it unlimited hours for $10/mo. **
Cancel anytime.

The Verdict: Is DIRECTV STREAM Worth It?

If you want a cable TV service without the cable, DIRECTV STREAM is your kind of TV service. There are tons of channels with plenty of packages from which to choose.

There are a lot of things to love about it – the channel count, thousands of apps and an incredibly easy setup to name some – but when people who are ditching cable because of issues like expensive prices see the upper-tier prices, it may scare them off. However, a middle-ground package like DIRECTV CHOICE™ via Internet is a great pick.

With that, if you’re fine with paying for what you get, DIRECTV STREAM might be the best TV service on the market.

  • High channel count
  • Super easy setup
  • 7,000+ apps
  • Uses Google Assistant
  • A bit expensive overall
  • Can get expensive
  • Lacking in sports compared to other TV providers

Frequently asked questions

Is DIRECTV STREAM the same thing as DIRECTV?

No, DIRECTV STREAM is internet-based while DIRECTV is a satellite TV service.

Does DIRECTV STREAM have local channels?

Yes, the local channels you receive are based on your billing zip code.

Is DIRECTV STREAM now on Roku?

Yes, it is compatible with Roku devices.

Is DIRECTV STREAM the same as U-verse?

No, AT&T stopped selling its U-verse service in favor of AT&T TV, which was then rebranded to DIRECTV STREAM. U-verse is no longer available to new customers.

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