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Having access to high-speed internet is becoming more and more of a priority for families across America. We depend on high-speed connectivity for work, learning, leisure and many more aspects of everyday life. Every household deserves access to high-speed connectivity. Whether it’s to video conference smoothly, stream your favorite show or dominate your favorite online game, a high-speed internet connection is necessary.

Best prices for high-speed internet

High-speed internet is available across the country. Listed below are major high-speed internet providers and their fastest advertised plans. Note that some of these plans are limited and may not be available in your area.

High-speed internet offers
Provider Plan Maximum SpeedStarting Price
AT&TAT&T Fiber 5 GIG5000 Mbps $245.00/mo.
CenturyLinkCenturyLink Fiber Gigabit940 Mbps $75.00/mo.
Optimum Mbps /mo.
Windstream Mbps /mo.
CoxGo Super Fast1000 Mbps$110.00/mo.
SpectrumSpectrum Internet Gig1000 Mbps $79.99/mo.
FrontierFiber 2 Gig2000 Mbps $99.99/mo.

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Fiber internet vs. high-speed internet

The term “fiber internet” has become synonymous with “high-speed internet,” though there is a very important distinction. Fiber internet utilizes fiber-optic cables to transmit refracted light signals that store data packets at nearly light speed. This is why fiber internet is typically the fastest internet service type.

High-speed internet refers more broadly to internet speeds that exceed 25 Mbps, though this number is likely too slow, especially now. Most major internet service providers offer speeds that exceed 25 Mbps, making a figure of about 100 Mbps a more accurate speed for high-speed internet. Satellite or wireless internet for remote and rural areas may struggle to provide high-speed internet, though these technologies are improving.

Looking for the right Internet Provider

Which internet service provider is right for me?

Choosing your internet service provider can be a daunting task if you even have a choice at all. Many ZIP Codes across the country are serviced by only one or a couple providers. When you do have the freedom to choose your provider, it is helpful to know what types of internet connection are offered. If you want cable TV service, for example, it may be easiest and most convenient to bundle your TV and high-speed internet with Spectrum.

If you want only high-speed internet and that’s it, our zip code search function will allow you to filter only internet results of the providers near you.

How much speed do I need?

National Broadband has created a quick questionnaire to give you a better idea of how much internet speed you truly need. Many Americans end up paying too much for extra speed that they have no use for, or they sign up for a lower-speed plan without realizing they may benefit from a faster plan. Being a well-informed internet buyer will make your shopping experience much easier. So, if you aren’t really sure about which internet speed is best for you, complete this quick, risk-free internet speed questionnaire to receive a personalized speed suggestion. It’s free to use and completely secure!

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Frequently asked questions

What is the best high-speed internet?

Fiber internet technology creates the best high-speed internet experience. Frontier, AT&T, Optimum, Windstream and CenturyLink all offer fiber options. You can get their top speeds with fiber. If you don't want to pay for top speeds, even fiber providers' slower options are usually way faster than satellite, DSL or cable internet providers.

What is considered high-speed internet in 2023?

Typically, 100 Mbps is considered high-speed internet in 2023. Anything less than that will still allow you to stream services like Netflix (which only needs 25 Mbps) but your experience will be unsatisfactory with lagging and low streaming quality, especially if there are more than two users streaming or using the internet at once, and especially even more so during peak internet traffic hours.

What is the fastest home internet speed?

The fastest home internet speed one can currently have is around 8,000 Mbps (or 8 Gbps) which is way faster than most homes might actually need. The most popular speeds people typically get in the home is anywhere between 100-1,000 Mbps. Many different internet service providers offer plans this speedy.

Is 100 Mbps fast enough for streaming?

Yes! Only 25 Mbps is needed to stream Netflix, but if there is more than one user in the home and you want to avoid lagging and buffering problems, a minimum download speed of 100 Mbps is the best bet for you.

What Is AT&T Internet Air? And How to Get It

AT&T Internet Air is a wireless, 5G internet service that can provide reliable speeds with simple, affordable pricing. The service is currently available in limited markets.

Best Internet Plans for Working Remotely

Remote employees – whether at home or on the move – need a reliable, speedy internet connection to stay productive. Some plans are better than others for remote work.

What Is AT&T Wireless Broadband?

AT&T Wireless Broadband is a wireless, business internet solution that can be used as a primary connection, as a reliable backup, or as a mobile hotspot.