Spectrum Mobile Vs. T-Mobile In 2024

Deciding on a mobile carrier can be a tough decision when you have so many options. This article can help you narrow down your selection between two widely popular mobile providers.

Table of Contents

  • Spectrum Mobile Plans
  • T-Mobile Plans
  • Spectrum Mobile Additional Perks & Features
  • T-Mobile Additional Perks & Features
  • Pros and Cons of Spectrum Mobile and T-Mobile
  • Is Spectrum Mobile or T-Mobile Better?
  • FAQ


Choosing a carrier for your mobile device is a hard decision to make, especially when there are so many options. You can start here to decide whether T-Mobile or Spectrum Mobile makes your list of top choices.

Spectrum Mobile Plans

One main reason why you may be interested in Spectrum Mobile is if you already have Spectrum Internet. This is because Spectrum Mobile is only available for Spectrum Internet customers.

Another reason why you might be looking into Spectrum as a possible mobile carrier option is because Spectrum has incredibly affordable pricing! There are several Spectrum Mobile plans to choose from, including pay By the Gig or Unlimited options. Spectrum Mobile customers can even sign up for a mix of both.

Spectrum Mobile is accommodating to your specific needs, so it might be helpful to browse the table below to help you decide on the best plan for you, however, you could get started with one line for as low as $14/GB per month, which is pretty hard to beat.

Another easy-to-love aspect of Spectrum Mobile’s pricing is that, in addition to the Spectrum Mobile Unlimited plan only being $29.99 per month per line, your first Unlimited line could be free with their current package called Spectrum One.

With this deal, you’ll get Spectrum Internet, Advanced WiFi, and one Spectrum Mobile Unlimited line for the price of your selected Internet subscription. In other words, if you order a Spectrum One: Spectrum Internet + Advanced WiFi + Spectrum Mobile Unlimited (1 line) package, you’d be getting all three services for just the price of Internet. Any additional line thereafter is the regular price.

Spectrum Mobile Plans
PlanMonthly PriceBest Features
Spectrum Mobile By the Gig$14 per GB per monthPay for only what you need
Spectrum Mobile Unlimited$29.99 per line per month (1 line included free with Spectrum One)30 GB of premium data included; unlimited talk, text and data
Spectrum Mobile Unlimited Plus$39.99 per month per line50 GB of premium data included; unlimited talk, text and data

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T-Mobile Plans

If you’re looking to find a family mobile plan with at least four lines, T-Mobile is probably going to be a better option for you. However, that does come with a higher price point. T-Mobile is known to be a bit more on the expensive side.

That being said, if it works for you and your family, that’s what really matters.

Check out T-Mobile’s plans below, and keep in mind the price shown is the price when AutoPay is enabled.

T-Mobile Plans
PlanMonthly Price for a 1-line planMonthly Price for a 2-line planMonthly Price for a 3-line planMonthly Price for a 4-line planMonthly Price for a 5-line plan
Essentials$60 per line$45 per line$30 per line$27 per line$24 per line
Magenta®$70 per line$60 per line$40 per line$35 per line$32 per line
Magenta® MAX$85 per line$70 per line$47 per line$43 per line$40 per line
Spectrum Mobile vs T-Mobile Girl on phone and laptop

Spectrum Mobile Additional Perks & Features

Unlimited talk, text, and data.

Spectrum offers unlimited talk, text and data to new and existing Internet customers. If you’re not currently a Spectrum Internet customer, consider this a reason to make the switch! Browse a selection of Spectrum Internet plans and call 844-887-8822 to get started today.

Keep your current phone.

One of the best parts about switching to Spectrum Mobile is that you can keep your current phone. No need to worry about losing any information with a new phone or having to adjust to a different device. Spectrum makes your switch easier than ever by allowing you to keep your existing phone or tablet when you switch over. All you have to do to check that your device qualifies for the switch is provide your International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number to any Spectrum representative so they can confirm it’s eligible.

No added taxes or fees.

Spectrum Mobile allows you to save big each month by charging the same amount on your bill every pay cycle. You will never be bombarded with unexpected charges or fees with Spectrum.

T-Mobile Additional Perks & Features

View the table below to see all the features T-Mobile offers with their plans. The quality of each feature varies depending on the plan’s tier as well as the number of lines on the plan.

T-Mobile Additional Features
EssentialsMagenta®Magenta® MAX
Data amount50 GB100 GBUnlimited
Complimentary NetflixN/ANetflix Basic (1 screen for 2+ lines)Netflix Basic (1 screen for 1 line, Netflix Standard (2 screens for 2+ lines)
Mobile hotspot dataUnlimited 3G speed5GB high-speed, then unlimited 3G speed40GB high-speed, then Unlimited 3G speed
Unlimited video streamingSD streamingSD streamingUp to 4k UHD streaming

Spectrum Mobile Pros and Cons

  • Great for bundles
  • Unlimited talk and text
  • Affordable, especially through the Spectrum One deal
  • Reduced speeds after 30 GB of usage per line on Unlimited plans
  • Limited amount of plans
  • Requires Spectrum Internet

T-Mobile Pros and Cons

  • Internet subscription not required
  • Special discount pricing for customers aged 55+
  • Large selection of plans
  • On the expensive side
  • Possible additional fees
  • No bundle deals

Is Spectrum Mobile or T-Mobile Better?

To conclude all the given information on both of these popular mobile carriers, the better option ultimately depends on the number of lines you wish to have on your plan as well as your budget. Although Spectrum is much more affordable, T-Mobile might work better for you depending on your specific needs—especially if you need a plan that has more bells and whistles. Keep in mind all of the information provided on the tables above when making your final decision, which is entirely up to you!

Frequently asked questions

Is Spectrum Mobile or T-Mobile better for a family of four?

T-Mobile is the best value for four or more lines.

Is Spectrum Mobile or T-Mobile the cheapest option for a one line plan?

Spectrum Mobile is the cheapest option for a one line plan starting at just $14/GB, but you have to be a Spectrum Internet customer.

Can you add more data to the Spectrum By the Gig mobile plan?

Yes, you can add more data and pay as you go for just $14 per GB.

Written by Jessica Moore

Edited by Henry St. Pierre

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