Spectrum Internet Security Features

The online world is rife with digital crimes. Through the internet, data theft often occurs through the use of malicious software. Sometimes this malware is obvious—sometimes it isn’t. For the times when you miss the sneakier versions of malware, you’ll be glad to have Spectrum Internet security to back you up.

Table of Contents

  • Why Should I Use Spectrum’s Security Suite?
  • Spectrum Security Suite Browsing Protection
  • Spectrum Security Suite Firewall Defense
  • Spectrum Security Suite Automatic Virus Removal
  • Spectrum Security Suite Antibot Scanner
  • Spectrum Security Suite Online Parental Controls
  • Spectrum Security Suite Multi-Computer Protection
  • FAQ


If you are a Spectrum customer, you have free access to digital security. This post outlines some of the finer points of the Security Suite services which are complimentary for Spectrum Internet and Spectrum Business customers.

Why Should I Use Spectrum’s Security Suite?

As a free service to their Internet customers, Spectrum provides users with their Security Suite to protect Internet-enabled devices.

Even if you incorporate safe practices while accessing the internet or when checking your email, there is always a chance that malware or undesired data will slip through your defenses and onto your device.

If you already have Spectrum Internet, it makes sense to take advantage of this service. Below are some of the included features you can look forward to.

Spectrum Security Suite Browsing Protection

Browsing online and accidentally ending up on a harmful site is just one way to endanger a device’s data. With Spectrum Security Suite’s browsing protection feature, browsers on the licensed device block entry to suspicious websites by evaluating the safety of each website you access.

Using this feature will also allow you to view safety ratings for websites which are based on multiple sources and F-Secure malware analysts.

Therefore, not only will browsing protection keep you away from unsafe sites, it will also familiarize you with sites that have higher safety ratings so you can protect yourself in the future.

Spectrum Browsing Protection

Spectrum Security Suite Firewall Defense

As an added layer of protection to work alongside browser protection, Spectrum’s Security Suite includes firewall defense. A firewall is a security software that monitors all incoming and outgoing traffic on your device and only allows certain information through.

Created with specific security rules in mind, a firewall either blocks entry or permits access based on those rules. This can prevent you from threats before they even reach your device.

Spectrum Security Suite Automatic Virus Removal

Even if you do your best to be careful while working online, accidents do still happen. Having an automatic antivirus running in the background can help you catch the threats you don’t even know about yet.

When this feature encounters and removes an infection, it will report the incident to you in an email while confirming your continued protection. To give you peace of mind, this service runs in the background while you use your device so you don’t have to remember to turn it on each time you access the Internet.

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Spectrum Security Suite Antibot Scanner

An advanced malware needs advanced protection, so Spectrum is here to help. Although viruses have the potential to wreck your computer and endanger your data, bots have just as much (if not more) power to impose digital damage.

A bot is another type of malicious software (malware) that is especially dangerous because it can relay information and control permission back to another source without your knowledge.

These are sometimes administered after introducing a virus into a device’s system, so it is important to have both virus- and bot-scanning software to help prevent damage before it happens.

Additionally, most bots are designed to remain undetected by simple virus removal software. Spectrum’s Antibot Scanner works in the background and will let you know when it discovers a threat. As a result, you will most likely be prompted to change passwords and login information for any sensitive accounts.

Spectrum Security Suite Parental Control

Spectrum Security Suite Online Parental Controls

With online parental controls in Spectrum’s Security Suite, you have a variety of tools at your disposal to monitor and manage what certain users can see and do on your network.

You can block harmful content, filter out inappropriate search results and set time limits for any user on the network.

Although this feature is titled with parents in mind, it has applications for Spectrum Business customers as well. Business administrators can use this tool to eliminate unnecessary content or distractions from the workplace.

Spectrum Security Suite Multi-Computer Protection

With a subscription to Spectrum Internet, residential users can download this service on up to 10 computers. With Spectrum Business, however, the license limit increases to up to 25 computers. Spectrum’s Security Suite cannot be applied to phone or tablet devices.

Frequently asked questions

Can I download Spectrum’s Security Suite on my Chromebook, phone or tablet?

No. Spectrum’s Security Suite can only be downloaded on a computer.

Onto how many computers can I download Spectrum’s Security Suite?

You can protect up to TEN computers with Spectrum’s Security Suite if you are a customer of Spectrum Internet. If you subscribe to Spectrum Business, your license limit increases to 25 devices.

What is the difference between a bot and a virus?

A virus in a computer gets around by attaching itself to a program that the device user must initiate. Once that happens, the virus can do whatever it was designed to do, like damage data, invoke denial-of-service (DoS) conditions, propagate itself onto other programs, and more. Once a device is infected by a virus, it is typically contained in that device until the virus is passed on to another device. A bot, on the other hand, can relay information back to wherever it originated from. It can independently propagate itself without the help of the device user and can operate without drawing much attention to itself once its been published into the device.

Written by Sarah Solomon

Edited by Henry St. Pierre

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