Spectrum Mobile vs. Verizon Wireless In 2024

If Spectrum Mobile and Verizon Wireless are both available options for powering your cellular device, you may be left with a tough choice to make. Bundle your cell service into Spectrum, or go for an established mobile provider like Verizon? This review is here to help you decide which one may be better for you.

Table of Contents

  • Spectrum Mobile and Verizon Wireless Overview
  • Plans and Prices for Spectrum Mobile and Verizon Wireless
  • Spectrum Mobile and Verizon Wireless Sample Family Plans for Four
  • Overview of Plan Extras for Spectrum Mobile and Verizon Wireless
  • Spectrum Mobile vs. Verizon Wireless Pros and Cons
  • Is Spectrum Mobile or Verizon Wireless Better?
  • FAQ


Spectrum Mobile and Verizon Wireless provide comparable unlimited and prepaid plans for a variety of prices. Spectrum Mobile streamlines prices and eliminates bonus perks to give customers comparable service for a lower price, but Verizon includes more extras when you open a new line.

Spectrum Mobile and Verizon Wireless Overview

Sometimes, it can pay off to look for your mobile service in unconventional places. That’s where Spectrum Mobile comes in. This mobile phone service can be packaged with your Spectrum Internet to streamline your bill for services you’ll use anyway.

How does this service, however, match up to traditional carriers like Verizon Wireless? This review has been crafted to compare these two options for your mobile service to help you make a decision about which is best for you.

Plans and Prices for Spectrum Mobile and Verizon Wireless

Let’s start with the most important part of your considerations, shall we? The plans and pricing for Spectrum Mobile and Verizon Wireless are listed below, separated by plan type: unlimited and prepaid.

All prices in these charts are calculated for a single line without any discounts (including paperless billing and Auto Pay) or additional fees (like taxes). Data allowances are therefore listed next to each plan.

Unlimited Plans

Spectrum Mobile Unlimited plans top the charts for price at the single line point. This is especially true if you consider how much premium data each of these plans allows.

Premium data allowances indicate the amount of data you will be able to consume at a prioritized speed. In other words, your premium data needs are processed before those of non-premium data needs. Once you use up your premium data allowance, you can still access unlimited data that is probably going to be much slower in times of high network usage by others in your area.

If you’re looking for an excellent deal, Spectrum currently offers a package called Spectrum One, which provides customers with Spectrum Internet, Spectrum Advanced WiFi and one line of Spectrum Mobile Unlimited for just the price of the Internet tier you choose. So, for example, you could get all three of these services for the monthly price of only $49.99 per month for the first year. This deal is the most cost-effective way to get Mobile service through Spectrum, since having Spectrum Mobile requires you to have Spectrum Internet anyway. So why not opt to get WiFi and an Unlimited Mobile line for FREE while you’re at it?

Therefore, if you’re looking at this decision from a strictly financial point of view, Spectrum Mobile is a frontrunner. It’s tough to beat a free Spectrum Mobile Unlimited line.

Unlimited Mobile Plans From Spectrum Mobile and Verizon Mobile Sorted by Price
Unlimited Plan NameMax Data Per MonthMonthly Price Per Line*
Spectrum Mobile Unlimited30 GB Premium + UnlimitedFREE**
Spectrum Mobile Unlimited Plus50 GB Premium + Unlimited$39.99
Verizon Just KidsUnlimited$60 (only available along with one other Verizon Unlimited line)
Verizon UnlimitedUnlimited$65
Verizon Start UnlimitedUnlimited$80
Verizon Unlimited PlusUnlimited$75
Verizon Play More Unlimited15 GB Premium + Unlimited$90
Verizon Do More Unlimited 15 GB Premium + Unlimited$90
Verizon Get More Unlimited30 GB Premium + Unlimited$100

Prepaid Plans

Here, Verizon offers plans that deliver more prepaid monthly data per line. The caveat is that Spectrum Mobile also offers free Spectrum Out-of-Home WiFi Hotspots across the country to help you conserve your data, which Verizon does not do.

So, if you’re trying to cut costs and you spend much of your time on WiFi, you could easily get away with Spectrum Mobile’s single GB of data for a nice price.

Even if you ended up with 2 GB per month with Spectrum Mobile while relying on hotspots for the rest of your data, your monthly cost would still only be $28.

On the other hand, Verizon Prepaid plans include a “loyalty discount” if you keep your prepaid line open and in good standing for a certain number of months. You can gain up to a $10 discount by the end of nine months through this discount plan.

Prepaid Mobile Plans From Spectrum Mobile and Verizon Mobile Sorted by Price
Prepaid Plan NameMax Data Per MonthMonthly Price Per Line
Spectrum Mobile By the Gig1 GB $14/GB
Verizon Text & Talk500 MB$30
Verizon Prepaid 5 GB5 GB$40
Verizon Prepaid 15 GB15 GB$50

Spectrum Mobile and Verizon Mobile Sample Family Plans for Four

Now that we’ve looked at pricing for individual lines, it would only be fair to take multi-line plan discounts into consideration. You might look into multiple cellular lines if you’re buying a plan for a family or a business network, for example.

Either way, having a discount for multiple lines sweetens the deal for customers looking to keep a group covered with mobile service.

With Verizon Wireless, the more people on the same unlimited plan means more of a reduction in the monthly bill. Customers can mix and match Unlimited plans, but Verizon encourages families to all have a similar plan by upping the discount if the lines are all some version of Verizon Unlimited.

Spectrum Mobile, on the other hand, allows for mixing prepaid and unlimited lines within your plan but no longer adjusts line price with the addition of more lines to your plan.

Plans featured here are the most comparable plans on the basis of data inclusion, and corresponding prices exclude discounts or any additional fees.

Therefore, the Spectrum Mobile Unlimited plan with 30 GB of premium data is being compared to the Verizon Do More Unlimited plan with 15 GB of premium data.

Spectrum Mobile Plans vs Version Mobile Plans

If you don’t care about premium data, then you might consider comparing the Verizon Start Unlimited plan instead. Having four Verizon Start Unlimited plans would cost about $180 per month but would not include premium data.

Spectrum’s starting Unlimited plans, on the other hand, include premium data.

Again, once you use up your premium data, your non-premium data is subject to a slowdown due to network congestion. In other words: you can access data, but your speeds are subject to negotiation based on how many other people around you are also using your carrier.

One last aspect to note is that it is easy to switch plan tiers through Spectrum Mobile. You can switch to the next tier up at any time of the billing cycle if you think you’ll need it, which can be done directly through the My Spectrum app! The drawback is that, although it is just as easy, switching to the next tier down can only take effect during the next billing cycle.

Spectrum Mobile Sample Plans
Plan Type(s)Total Monthly Price
Four Unlimited Plans$89.97*
Two Unlimited Plans, Two By the Gig Plans$59.98*
Four By the Gig Plans (starting at 1 GB per line)$56
Verizon Mobile Sample Plans
Plan Type(s)Total Monthly Price*
Four Do More Unlimited Plans$220
Two Do More Unlimited Plans, Two 5 GB Prepaid Plans$190
Four 5 GB Prepaid Plans$160

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Overview of Plan Extras for Spectrum Mobile and Verizon Wireless

At this point, a subscription with most digital services includes a perk or two. Here’s a breakdown of the freebies associated with Spectrum Mobile and Verizon Wireless.

One benefit of bundling with Spectrum Mobile is that you can streamline your billing services. Additionally, you can have free Spectrum Hotspots to conserve data (even if you select one of the Unlimited options).

Certain Verizon Unlimited plans, however, include limited subscriptions to streaming services or to cloud storage. At present, the offer for service inclusion expires after the times listed below.

An additional perk through Verizon Mobile is that the Just Kids plan has Smart Family Premium™ with Parental Controls. These controls allow parents to manage their child’s contacts, data usage, content filters and more. None of the Spectrum Mobile plans offer parental controls.

Below, you’ll find a chart listing some of the perks and their corresponding limitations included with Verizon Unlimited lines. The added value of these perk services ranges between $30 to $45 per month depending on which plan you pick.

Again, however, some of these offers expire after a certain amount of time. If you’d like to keep those services by then, you’ll have to pay separately.

Verizon Mobile Perks for Unlimited Plans
Perk OptionVerizon Start UnlimitedVerizon Play MoreVerizon Do More UnlimitedVerizon Get More Unlimited
Disney+6 monthsN/A6 monthsN/A
Disney BundleN/AIncludedN/AIncluded
Discovery+6 months12 months6 months12 months
Apple Arcade6 months12 months6 months12 months
Google Play Pass6 months12 months6 months12 months
Apple Music6 months12 months6 months12 months
600 GB Verizon Cloud StorageN/AN/AIncludedIncluded

Spectrum Mobile vs. Verizon Wireless Pros and Cons

Spectrum Mobile Pros and Cons

  • Low starting price
  • FREE first Spectrum Mobile Unlimited line through Spectrum One deal
  • Choices available for mixing or switching prepaid and unlimited plans
  • Simple plan structure
  • Spectrum Internet required to subscribe to Spectrum Mobile
  • Comparatively fewer extras next to Verizon

Verizon Wireless Pros and Cons

  • Some great bonuses on certain Unlimited lines
  • Modified multi-line pricing available
  • Options to get discounts for paperless billing and Auto Pay
  • Higher starting price (especially for single lines)
  • Fewer GB of premium data on unlimited plans
  • Fewer opportunities to mix or switch between prepaid and unlimited plans

Is Spectrum Mobile or Verizon Wireless Better?

Spectrum Mobile is a great cost-effective option if you’re looking to bundle or to mix unlimited and prepaid plans. Additionally, having your first Spectrum Mobile Unlimited line for free with the Spectrum One package is a great deal.

However, if you don’t have access to Spectrum Internet or you would like more more perks included in your plan, Verizon is the way to go.

Frequently asked questions

Which mobile carrier is better: Spectrum Mobile or Verizon Mobile?

If you have access to Spectrum Internet and would like to package your mobile service with your home’s digital services, Spectrum Mobile is worth your consideration. If you’re also interested in mixing prepaid and unlimited lines on your plan, Spectrum has a better deal. If you would like a mobile plan that includes many extras and you’re not interested in mixing unlimited and prepaid plans, Verizon is a great choice!

Does Verizon Mobile have modified pricing for multiple lines?

Yes, but only if you add Unlimited lines. The more lines you have within your Verizon Unlimited plan, the higher the discount per line.

Does Spectrum Mobile have modified pricing for multiple lines?

No. Spectrum Mobile line prices are no longer adjusted based on the number of lines in your plan.

Do Spectrum Mobile Unlimited plans include premium data?

Yes, they do. Spectrum Mobile Unlimited includes 20 GB while Spectrum Mobile Unlimited Plus includes 30 GB.

Do Verizon Mobile Unlimited plans include premium data?

Yes, but only certain tiers. Currently, their Play More and Do More Unlimited lines include 15 GB each, while their Get More Unlimited line includes 30 GB of premium data.

How can I get one free Spectrum Mobile Unlimited line?

If you order the Spectrum One package, you can get free Spectrum Advanced WiFi and one free Spectrum Mobile Unlimited line with your Spectrum Internet subscription for one super-low price.

Written by Sarah Solomon

Edited by Henry St. Pierre

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