Why Your Business Needs Optimum

Whether you’re a small business just starting out or a bigger business needing a fresh reset with a new guided plan to lead you to success, Optimum Business could be just what you need to get your plan in action.

Table of Contents

  • What Is Optimum Business Secure Internet?
  • What Is Optimum Smart Wi-Fi?
  • Features of Optimum Business Phone and Voice
  • Altice Mobile for Optimum Business
  • What Is Optimum Business TV?
  • 24/7 Optimum Business Technical Support
  • FAQ


Optimum Business has many tiers to their business techniques, making it a very valuable option for any business, small or large. There are tons of features that you will be able to take advantage of, and many levels to each of the plans that are laid out for you, making your job easier.

Overview of Optimum Business Services

  • Business Secure Internet Fast & reliable with up to 1 Gbps
  • SMART Wi-Fi Seamless & intelligent Wi-Fi coverage
  • Business Phone and Voice Feature-packed digital phone service
  • Altice Mobile Optimum Business's mobile carrier
  • Business TV For private conference rooms, waiting areas, lobbies, etc.
  • Premier Technical Support 24/7, U.S.-based customer service

Overview of Optimum Business Services

Business Secure InternetFast & reliable with up to 1 Gbps
SMART Wi-FiSeamless & intelligent Wi-Fi coverage
Business Phone and VoiceFeature-packed digital phone service
Altice MobileOptimum Business's mobile carrier
Business TVFor private conference rooms, waiting areas, lobbies, etc.
Premier Technical Support24/7, U.S.-based customer service

What Is Optimum Business Secure Internet?

Get fast, reliable internet up to 1 Gbps with high security and protection with Optimum Business.

DDoS SECURITY and DNS SECURITY help protect against a wide range of digital attacks. MCAFEE® ANTI-VIRUS PROTECTION monitors your online activity and keeps your connection secure at all times.

When it comes to your business, you are definitely going to need a Static IP and with Optimum, you will get an Online Static IP which will make all of your employees’ devices more accessible.

Optimum Business Secure Internet

What Is Optimum Smart Wi-Fi?

When you’re running a business, you need more than just traditional Wi-Fi. With Optimum’s SMART Wi-Fi, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re always connected to the best signal with a network that knows precisely where each device in your home or office is located. It’s a combination of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi networks and creates a mighty powerful, always-on connection.

Optimum Business SMART Wi-Fi’s customizable portal and login screen allow for seamless connection and secure browsing while also marketing your business with your own personal branding. You will have the ability to manage your network like never before with features like:

Optimize Your Business Wi-Fi

Separate your guest Wi-Fi from your private Wi-Fi so customers can connect to a different network than your employees, who can connect securely to a more private network. You can add your own logo and even choose your own theme so guests know it’s your business when they’re logging in.

Browse Safe and Sound

Enabled content filtering allows for safe browsing on both your private and public Wi-Fi settings. This means you can be stress-free when you opt in for URL filtering for secure and appropriate content, giving your customers security and yourself peace of mind.

Learn About Your Customers

Collect data about your customers with the SMART Marketing Engine, which gathers customer data and marketing insights on an intuitive dashboard where you can find each demographic of your users and their Wi-Fi sessions by time period. You can even create a survey where all client information is stored for later use such as promotional campaigns and guest notifications.
Designed for:

  • All reporting insights
  • Viewing each connected device
  • User demographics
  • Creating surveys

You need SMART Wi-Fi for your business because it is so flexible, with 1-4 access points that a professional technician will install for you to ensure the strongest possible signal is achieved. Your business, no matter what the size, will be guaranteed optimal network coverage.

Features of Optimum Business Phone and Voice

You will see the difference a phone package with Optimum Business does for your company. With useful features you didn’t even know you needed, you will not regret the decision to add Optimum’s phone solutions to your list.

Optimum Business Phone and Voice

Business Voice

Making and receiving calls has never been easier with Business Voice’s unlimited calling. There’s just one flat rate and it doesn’t matter whether you’re talking to someone across the United States or even in Canada, Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin Islands. It even comes with useful features that you will probably wonder how you ever ran your business without, such as:

  • Call Waiting
  • Rollover Hunting
  • Call Queue
  • Music-On-Hold
  • Call Forwarding
  • Find Me
  • Enhanced Voicemail

There are over 20 other features as well, including, Time-of-day Forwarding, Caller 10, Caller ID, Outbound Caller ID Name, VIP Ringing, Business Continuity Forwarding, Three-Way Calling, Block Unwanted Callers, Private Outbound Calling, Directory Listing and Directory Assistance, Call Detail Records, Enhanced 911, Busy Redial (*66), Call Return (*69), and HD Calling.

You will even have the option to create a professional toll-free number for your brand. A 1-800 number four your company gives your business a professional reputation and allows clients to remember your number more easily, strengthening your marketing techniques.

One of the most beneficial aspects of a business phone service is an automatic virtual receptionist so that customers are never idly waiting on the line. With Business Voice’s Virtual Receptionist, you will never miss a call or even have to answer the phone again because they will be set on an automatic answer with customized greeting from your business that can route the caller to the desired extension or department. You can create a specific schedule for the various greetings depending on the time of day or day of the week.

Business Hosted Voice

Business Hosted Voice is also a phone system, but it is managed entirely from the online portal. From the cloud, you can add or remove extensions or change the route of an urgent call from one device to another with a few simple clicks. You can use either the desktop soft-phone client or the smartphone app. With Business Hosted Voice, you will get all necessary hardware and software to complete the system. Enjoy all the same features you love from Business Voice above.

Altice Mobile for Optimum Business

Optimum Business’s mobile carrier, Altice Mobile, can be a great addition to your company. You can provide your managers with a mobile phone for work use only when they are outside of the office. Altice Mobile for Business offers plans starting at just $14/mo. per line for Optimum customers. Each plan comes with unlimited talk and text.

Altice Mobile Plans
Monthly Price Per Line
1 GB$14
3 GB$22
Unlimited GB$45

What Is Optimum Business TV?

As a business owner, you are focused on every detail of your company. With Optimum Business TV, you can take your business’s TV experience to the next level. You can place one or more TVs, depending on the size of your company, in private conference rooms and/or waiting areas.

There are four different Business TV plans to choose from:

Optimum Business TV Plans
Broadcast BasicBusiness ChoiceBusiness ValueBusiness Preferred
Number of channels50+70+185+225+
Channels includedNews 12, ABC, CBS and moreCNN, MSNBC, HGTV and Food Network and exclusive channels from OptimumCNN, Food Network and Disney Channel as well as all of the exclusive channels from OptimumESPN, Cooking Channel and Discovery Family Channel

24/7 Optimum Business Technical Support

Optimum Business offers around-the-clock customer service and technical support so you are never left confused or with unanswered questions. There is always a U.S.-based customer service representative on cue ready to take your call, even on holidays.

Frequently asked questions

Are there any contracts with Optimum Business?

There is no annual contract with Optimum Business.

Which Optimum Business Internet plan is best for a very big business?

Secure Internet 1 Gig is the fastest Internet plan with up to 940 Mbps download speeds and 50 Mbps upload speeds. It also allows an automatic sign-in for up to 30 devices and 30 email accounts each with 5GB of storage.

How many static IP addresses does Optimum Business offer?

Optimum Business offers up to 29 static IP addresses.

Which Altice Mobile plan comes with unlimited talk and text?

All three Altice Mobile plans come with unlimited talk and text. They differ by the amount of GBs they offer.

Written by Jessica Moore

Edited by Henry St. Pierre

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