Frontier® keeps you connected

Frontier® offers two types of internet service: DSL or Fiber. Fiber isn’t yet available everywhere, so be sure to check if your area is equipped with this option. In areas where fiber-optic technology is not available, get the freedom to connect to your world with a Frontier Internet plan. Whether it’s Frontier Fiber or traditional Frontier Internet, you can expect Frontier to keep your family connected to what matters most.

Frontier Internet
.99 /mo.

Frontier Standard Internet

Frontier Internet’s simple pricing, 24/7 tech support and absolutely no data caps make it a great choice.

Frontier Internet
PlanSpeedMonthly Price
Frontier InternetVaries by location$49.99 with Auto Pay and Paperless Bill

Call now to see which internet plan is available at your address.

Frontier proudly serves half the states across the country

Frontier’s internet service is available in 25 states, with Frontier being the choice of millions of customers nationwide, including in many rural and suburban areas away from the big cities. Fiber service is in select areas where available, but is expanding into other locations.

No data caps means more time connected

Frontier Internet plans come with absolutely no data caps. This means that no matter which plan you qualify for, you’ll get to use the internet as much as you like without limits or worries.

No annual commitments

Frontier Internet plans do not require any term contracts. With Frontier, you won’t be locked into an annual commitment. You get freedom when you choose Frontier.

Technical support 24/7

If you ever experience any technical issues with your service, you can feel confident to know that our tech support professionals are standing by to assist you.

Wi-Fi router included

A fully optimized wireless router is included with every install and there are no extra charges for Wi-Fi.

Frontier Secure®

Let Frontier help you protect your data from online threats. For an additional monthly fee, Frontier offers digital security services designed to help keep you and your devices safe, including services like My Premium Tech Pro‡, HomeShield Elite, and eero Secure. Call now to learn more.

Call for availability

Frontier Internet provides a connection to your world so you can do the things you love. Plans vary by location so give us a call to determine which packages are available and the right fit for your home. Some areas may be enabled with fiber-optic technology. Visit our Frontier Fiber page for additional information. Note that services are subject to availability, so it’s always best to call us to see what options are available at your specific address.

Add voice for more value

Bundle a Frontier Unlimited Digital Voice plan with Frontier internet service on one convenient monthly bill. Home phone plans from Frontier help you extend your reach with added convenience and value. You can stay in touch with those that matter most, plus take advantage of many helpful calling features to manage communications on your terms. Stay better connected with a home phone bundle from Frontier. Additional monthly fees, taxes and surcharges apply.

Frequently asked questions

Does Frontier have data caps?

No, Frontier has no data caps. You can use the internet as much as you want every single month.

What internet speeds does Frontier Fiber offer?

Frontier Internet speeds vary by location. If your address is within a fiber location, Frontier Fiber can have a max wired speed capable range as fast as 5,000/5,000 Mbps download/upload. If your address is in a DSL location, you need to call the phone number on this page to speak with a representative who can inform you of the specific speeds available at your address.

Does Frontier require contracts?

Frontier offers internet plan options that do not require an annual commitment. You instead pay month to month.