What Is AT&T ActiveArmorSM ?

Digital data protection is an increasingly important tool as online threats become more and more pervasive in what we do with our web-connected devices. Luckily, if you’re an AT&T customer, you’ve got a built-in tool for keeping your personal information safe from online attacks.

Table of Contents

  • What Is AT&T ActiveArmor?
  • What Are the Features of AT&T ActiveArmor for Fiber Internet?
  • Can AT&T ActiveArmor Be Used for Mobile Devices?
  • How Can I Use AT&T ActiveArmor?
  • AT&T Fiber Plans
  • FAQ


If you’re an AT&T Fiber® customer, your account is eligible for the AT&T ActiveArmor security software on your devices. When you use this easy-access service to supplement your existing AT&T service, you can enjoy a safer online experience while keeping your data protected.

What Is AT&T ActiveArmor?

AT&T ActiveArmor is a free service offered to AT&T Internet and wireless customers to help customers keep their connection secure against online threats.

With this service, you can enjoy 24/7 proactive network security on your AT&T connection.

In other words, AT&T ActiveArmor actively detects and prevents threats from infiltrating your data while offering you some additional security features to help ensure that your connection remains covered.

To stay secure when online, consider opting into AT&T ActiveArmor.

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What Are the Features of AT&T ActiveArmor for AT&T Fiber?

Customers of AT&T Fiber can take advantage of many features of AT&T’s ActiveArmor service to keep their devices safe from online threats.

Keep in mind that, although some features are included, many of this service’s features are premium paid features.

The complimentary version of AT&T ActiveArmor includes a built-in defense against online threats, security for the devices connected to your network, and personal data protection. Although this is a great place to start, many savvy users may find the premium features desirable.

One of those desirable features includes the ability to set up a Virtual Private Network (VPN) on your home connection.

When you use a VPN at Home, information about your digital footprint is further disguised so that digital attackers have fewer opportunities to take advantage of you through the data naturally embedded in your connection.

You’ll also be able to use the Threat Activity Dashboard to get a better view of how AT&T ActiveArmor is protecting your network and the devices you’ve connected to it.

This feature provides you with real-time insight into which threats are being blocked by this software.

Advanced Content Controls are part of the AT&T ActiveArmor upgraded arsenal, too!

With this service attribute, you can customize your security settings to set content filters on your network. With a content filter in place, you can control which websites are blocked or allowed to load on the devices in your network. This feature can be used as a parental control or as a simple way to eliminate unwanted websites from showing up on your devices.

Then, with ID Monitoring, you can let AT&T ActiveArmor keep track of data leaks. This feature will alert you when it encounters your personal information being used by an outside source.

No matter which tier of AT&T ActiveArmor you choose, you’ll be able to access your features through the AT&T Smart Home Manager app.

Through the app, you can manage your Wi-Fi password, network name, and control network access.

Features of AT&T ActiveArmor
AT&T ActiveArmor Feature Included with all AT&T Fiber plansIncluded with upgraded AT&T ActiveArmor plan
Built-in defense XX
Security for connected devices XX
Protection for personal data XX
VPN at HomeX
Threat Activity Dashboard X
ID Monitoring X
Advanced Content Controls X

Can AT&T ActiveArmor Be Used for Mobile Devices?

AT&T ActiveArmor can be accessed on mobile devices! With the AT&T ActiveArmor app, qualified AT&T wireless customers can take your online security with you wherever you go.

This app helps users block fraudulent calls, send calls from unknown numbers straight to voicemail, create a personal block call list, check your passcodes, and stay up to date on system updates and data breaches.

With an upgraded tier of service through AT&T ActiveArmor Advanced Mobile Security, you can also back your cell phone up with premium security features such as Public Wi-Fi Protection.

Using this feature grants you your own Virtual Private Network (VPN) to use over public Wi-Fi connections.

You’ll want to take advantage of this feature because public Wi-Fi connections are known to present users with security threats.

You can also set up Identity Protection to get alerts if your personal information is ever leaked.

Additionally, there is help for anyone who has received mysterious calls from an unknown number—that is, pretty much everyone.

Who among us hasn’t received a voicemail from mechanically voiced caller urging us to call back right now because our car insurance is about to expire and if we don’t pay over the phone immediately, we’ll be arrested by the end of the day?

Check out if someone called you from one of those spam numbers with the Reverse Number Lookup provided by AT&T ActiveArmor Advanced Mobile Security.

You can also make sure that browsing the web on your phone remains protected from data breaches with the Safe Browsing feature from AT&T ActiveArmor Advanced Mobile Security.

With AT&T, you can find ways to stay secure online.

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How Can I Use AT&T ActiveArmor?

As a qualified customer of this service, you can start using the AT&T ActiveArmor service if you are in possession of the following things:

  • AT&T Smart Home Manager (which you’ll need to manage your network’s security features)
  • Qualifying AT&T Fiber plan
  • BGW210 or BGW320 Wi-Fi gateway

If you’re interested in getting protection for your mobile device, then you can start by downloading the AT&T ActiveArmor Security mobile app.

AT&T Fiber Plans

AT&T Fiber provides speeds up to 5,000 Mbps where available, making it an incredible connection for streaming, learning, gaming, and so much more.

Browse AT&T Fiber plans below, and call the phone number to check availability at your address.

AT&T Fiber 300Mbps
300 Home Phone
$55.00 /mo
  • 300Mbps equal upload and download speeds.1
  • 15x faster upload speeds than cable.2
  • Connect 10+ devices at once.3
Check Availabilityor Call AT&T Sales Department844-347-0819
AT&T Fiber 500Mbps
500 Home Phone
$65.00 /mo
AT&T Fiber 1 GIG
1000 Home Phone
$55.00 /mo
AT&T Fiber 2 GIG
2000 Home Phone
$125.00 /mo
AT&T Fiber 5 GIG
5000 Home Phone
$225.00 /mo

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Frequently asked questions

Who can have AT&T ActiveArmor?

Any customer subscribed to a qualified AT&T Fiber internet plan. Qualified customers must also be able to download the AT&T Smart Home Manager app and must also have the BGW210 or BGW320 Wi-Fi gateway.

Does AT&T ActiveArmor work for mobile devices?

Yes, but only for AT&T wireless customers who have downloaded the AT&T ActiveArmor mobile security app.

What is AT&T ActiveArmor?

AT&T ActiveArmor is a security software available to AT&T Fiber and wireless customers at both free and premium paid tiers. This perk includes 24/7 network protection with patented security technology made to both detect and prevent online threats to your network.

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